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Often, a multitude of biochemical responses are triggered in order to overcome or counteract genetic/environmental perturbation. In addition, the intensity and the time lag for such responses reflect the biochemical network that is laid out by the genetic and structural constraints of a given biological system. We want to study which metabolic rescue mechanisms are triggered in response to various genetic and environmental stimuli (e.g. disease, nutritional stress) and how the metabolic modulation is related.

Here, we apply various types of mass-spectrometry platforms and bioinformatics approaches to unveil & link multi-layered molecular constituents, metabolite and protein to the relevant metabolic physiology. We hope the investigation can facilitate comprehensive understanding of disease mechanism, discover novel biomarkers, therapeutic compounds, and provide roadmap to re-construct newly designed microorganism for valuable compounds.


1. Clinical Metabolomis
One of our researches is focused on determining the metabolic causality induced by various types of human disease. By examining the modulation of broad range of small molecules, “metabolites” (Metabolomics) and proteins (Proteomics), we aim at understanding the biochemical mechanistics and metabolic phenotypes of such diseases as neurodegenerative disease, kidney disease, diabetics, and obesity. Further, we hope to develop diagnostic and prognostic biomarker, pharmacological and molecular approaches to treating human disease.

Clinical Metabolomis

2. Microbial Metabolomics
Microbe is very first target of many scientific researches as model organism of more complex biological system (e.g. animals and plants). In addition, microorganism has been attractive resources which can produce biologically-functional compounds (e.g. prototypes of drugs, bioactive compounds), and industrially-valuable materials. In our lab, we utilize Chlamydomonas, a unicellular alga that is very well suited for such complex studies: it is a robust organism that occurs naturally in various environments, its genome is sequenced, and genetic tools and mutant and RNAi strains are available through the Chlamydomonas research community. It is biochemically related to other Eukaryotes like yeast but it also shares biochemical relationships to higher plants, like a chloroplast and starch synthesis. We aim at exploiting a variety of cutting-edge technologies in mass spectrometry and statistics to identify and quantify large metabolic networks for both metabolites and soluble enzymes.

Microbial Metabolomics

3. Food Science
We are also interested at metabolomics-based food research in which we explore novel bioactive compounds from natural product, assess food safety, and quality using high-throughput mass-spectrometry analysis.

Methionine restriction and aging

4. Others
We are open to your own nice idea whichever has "metabolism" in it. Bring your idea to "Systems"

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