BioWave,  Vol. 25 No. 8
강원대학교 의생명과학대학 줄기세포공학 실험실 차병현 교수
연구실 홈페이지

 Our laboratory aims at convergence science-based regenerative medicine using a multi-disciplinary approach including stem cell engineering and tissue engineering-related techniques. In addition, our lab is attempting new research on the enhanced therapeutic effect of stem cell using various cell types (primary cells and stem cells (ESCs, iPSCs, and MSCs etc.) and biomaterials based on a new bio-inspired and cell microenvironment-related concept.

   차병현 (Byung-Hyun Cha)
   Assitant Professor, Kangwon National University

  - Professional Work Experiences & Education
    2021.09 - Present : Assistant Professor, Dept. of Systems Immunology, Kangwon National University
    2018.03 - 2021.06 : Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Surgery, University of Arizona-Tucson
    2016.03 - 2018.02 : Research Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Science, CHA University
    2014.01 - 2016.01 : Postdoctoral Research Associate. , Dept. of Biomedical Science,
                              Harvard Medical University & Wyss Institute at Harvard University
    2013.02 : Ph.D., Biomedical Science, CHA University
    2009.02 : M.Sc., Animal Science, Kangwon National University, Seoul, Korea
    2007.02 : B.Sc., Animal Science, Kangwon National University



Research Topics

- Enhancement of self-renewal ability and differentiation potential of ESCs, iPSCs and MSCs
- Development of novel-system and -platform of stem cell culture with cellular microenvironment and biomaterial
  from bio-inspired or -mimicked concept
- Development of biomaterials for stem cell therapy
- Immunomodulation, Drug delivery, Hydrogel modulation, Animal modeling etc.


Main Strategies of Research

Research Sub-groups

- Group 1. Functionally-improved stem cells
- Group 2. Stem cell-derived exosome
- Group 3. Biomaterial for the enhancement of stem cell differentiation and self-renewal
- Group 4. Drug-repositioning



최근 5년, 2019~현재

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D. Y. Lee*, B-H. Cha, M. Jung, A. S. Kim, D. A. Bull, Y-W. Won. Cell surface engineering and applications in cardiac regeneration. Journal of Biological Engineering 2019 12: 28.

* First Author, # Corresponding Author



 지도교수: 차병현 교수

   (2023년 현재)
 M.S.-Ph.D intergrated course : 김지섭
 M.S. course : 장재혁, 진병호
 Undergraduate Researcher : 김다영, 구자경, 김서정, 심재준
 Contact :, Lab: +82-33-250-8388

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* 소개된 내용에서 중요하게 판단되는 부분은 해당 기관에 추가적으로 사실 확인 작업을 하시길 부탁드립니다.
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