BioWave,  Vol. 25 No. 7
부산대학교 약학대학 약물역학 연구실 전나경 교수
연구실 홈페이지

 We study the effectiveness and safety of drugs/medical devices analyzing healthcare BIGDATA (a.k.a Real World Data) to promote evidence-based pharmacy in practice. Fields of research include pharmacoepidemiology, clinical pharmacy, and biostatistics.

   전나경(Dr.Nakyung Jeon) Ph.D., M.P.H., BPharm
   부산대학교 약학대학 조교수

  - Positions
    2022.09 ~ Present : Assistant Professor, Pusan National University College of Pharmacy
    2019.09 ~ 2022.08 : Assistant Professor, Chonnam National University College of Pharmacy
    2018.07 ~ 2019.08 : Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacotherapy,
                               University of Utah College of Pharmacy



Core Competencies:

1. PROGRAMMING healthcare bigdata
2. DOMAIN KNOWLEDGE on healthcare system, clinical pharmacy, epidemiology, and math&statistics
3. STUDY DESIGN to solve causal Inference problems (Phase IV) and predict/evaluate pharmaceutical outcomes (Pharmacovigilance)
전공 트랙에 따라 다른 비중으로 3가지 핵심 역량을 개발해 나갑니다.



Track1: Pharmacoepidemiology | Track2: Healthcare BigData Analysis


최근 5년, 2019~현재

- 2022
Risk of cardiovascular events according to the tricyclic antidepressant dosage in patients with chronic pain: a retrospective cohort study
H Koo, SH You, S Park, KH Jeong, N Jeon, SY Jung
European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 1-13

- 2021
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug-associated acute kidney injury: does short-term NSAID use pose a risk in hospitalized patients?
N Jeon, H Park, R Segal, B Brumback, AG Winterstein
European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 77 (9), 1409-1417

- 2020
The association between acid-suppressive agent use and the risk of cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis
HJ Song, N Jeon, P Squires
European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 76 (10), 1437-1456

What drugs modify the risk of iatrogenic impulse-control disorders in Parkinson’s disease? A preliminary pharmacoepidemiologic study
A Sarayani, X Wang, TN Thai, Y Albogami, N Jeon, AG Winterstein
Clinical Epidemiology 12, 1129

Impact of the transition from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM on the identification of pregnancy episodes in US Health Insurance Claims Data
N Jeon, M Bortolato
PloS one 15 (1), e0227128

- 2019
Predicting medication-associated altered mental status in hospitalized patients: development and validation of a risk model
Monica A Munoz, Nakyung Jeon, Benjamin Staley, Carl Henriksen, Dandan Xu, Janick Weberpals, Almut G Winterstein
American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy 76 (13), 953-963

Development and validation of an automated algorithm for identifying patients at higher risk for drug-induced acute kidney injury
N Jeon, B Staley, C Henriksen, GP Lipori, AG Winterstein
American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy 76 (10), 654-666



 지도교수: 전나경 교수

   (2023년 현재)
 석사과정 : 박미현, 윤금비, 정원정
 박사과정 : 윤지희
 학부연구생 : 장지환, 조해찬
 Contact :, Lab: 051-510-3380

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