BioWave,  Vol. 25 No. 6
세종대학교 바이오융합공학과 Bioscience and Community Health Laboratory 김진희 교수
연구실 홈페이지

 Bioscience and Community Health Laboratory focuses on identification of causal pathway from environmental exposure to development of complex diseases in susceptible populations. Our research interests focus on, but not limit to, Environmental Toxicology, Public Health, and Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology.

   Kim, Jin Hee (김 진희)
   Professor, Department of Integrative Bioscience & Biotechnology, Sejong University

   - Research Interest
     Identification of causal pathway from environmental exposure to development of complex diseases
     in susceptible populations
   - Research keywords:
     Environmental Toxicology
     Public Health
     Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology

1. Hypertension development mechanism

Exploring hypertension development mechanism in elderly population: epigenetic pathway.


2. Deep learning for human disease

Use deep learning model to detect human diseases


3. Infantile growth and obesity

Genetic and epigenetic study for infantile growth and obesity in a cohort for mothers and their babies exposed to environmental contaminants.


4. Environmental exposure

Health effect by environmental exposures in the elderly population.


5. Oxidative stress and insulin resistance

The effect of vitamin C supplementation on oxidative stress and insulin resistance in the elderly exposed to environmental pollutants: Community-based randomized cross-over clinical trial.


최근 5년, 2019~현재

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EGFR-Based Targeted Therapy for Colorectal Cancer-Promises and Challenges. Vaccines.

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 지도교수: 김진희 교수

   (2022년 현재)
 Postdoctors : Mayakrishnan,Vijayakumar,  Thiruvengadam,Rekha
 Students : 김다해 (Kim, Da Hae),  Nguyen,Thi Mai,   Ehsan,Rubina,  Dareowolabi,Boluwatife
 Contact :, Office: 02-3408-3655

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